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1.1. The Applicant applies for and the Contractor, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract,
undertakes to provide the Applicant with timely and quality information and consulting service (hereinafter –
Service), which includes distance consulting regarding the study opportunities, study process and enrollment
requirements of the higher education institution (name of the university)

The Applicant is applying for the volume of the required Service under the Annex 1 as follows:
❏ Basic Service Package ❏ Full Service Package ❏ Advanced Service Package

2. Contract duration and validity
2.1. The Contract is valid from the moment of signing and shall be valid until both Parties are fulfilled their
2.2. The Parties can terminate the Contract unilaterally only in accordance with the procedure specified in the
3. Rights and obligations of the Parties
3.1. The Contractor shall have the obligation:
3.1.1. to fulfill conditions of the Contract professionally, operatively and timely when performing the tasks,
listed in the present Contract;
3.1.2. to provide the Applicant with all the information about study opportunities at the School and its
enrollment requirements, including the information about the procedure of passing admission test (test and
3.1.3. to provide information support in the preparation for admission test (test and interview) and give
consultations for the successful passing of the admission test (test and interview);
3.1.4. to assess the Applicant’s documents in compliance with the School admission;
3.1.5. to provide consulting on legislation concerning obtainment of residence permit in the Republic of Latvia,
confirmation of earlier acquired education and legalization of documents (apostille) in the Republic of Latvia;
3.1.6. to inform about accommodation opportunities in the Republic of Latvia;
3.1.7. to process the Applicant’s personal data according to the Contract’s Clause 7 requirements as well as
other related regulations.
3.1.8. to make the Tuition fee payments on behalf of the Applicant, after the Applicant made the appropriate
3.2. The Contractor shall have the right:
3.2.1. to receive all the necessary information and documents from the Applicant, in order to fulfill the duties,
set by the Contract;
3.2.2. to carry out processing of Applicant’s personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation
requirements (including databases establishing) in order to perform the Contract;
3.2.3. to receive Contract remuneration for the provided services and payments of the tuition fee.
3.2.4. to make the payments on behalf of the Applicant, including the tuition fees.
3.2.5. In case of termination of the Contract by the Applicant’s initiative in cases, set in Clause 5.4. and 5.5. of
the Contract, not to refund any payments received from the Applicant made in advance (including set in the
Contracts Clause 4. Tuition fee, Service fee and Security deposit
3.2.6. not be responsible for certificate verification/visa/Residence permit decisions and any other responses
for the State Authorities and Institutions, independently on the positive or negative content of such
3.2.7. give the distant consulting by Skype/Whatsapp or the other connection way, as well as use for the
document exchange Contractor’s resource: www.apply.europestudies.net.
3.3. The Applicant shall have the obligation:
3.3.1. to use the application form specified in the Contract for choosing the volume and the price of the
preferred service amount, applying in the Contractor’s web resource, set in the Contract.
3.3.2. to pay for the information support and other services provided by the Contractor according to the
invoice, as well as to pay the tuition fee in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contact;
3.3.3. to provide the Contractor with all the necessary and genuine information regarding Applicant education
and finances and the corresponding documents
3.3.4. to submit all documents necessary for the studies at the study program of The School (hereinafter – The
Study program) as well as obtain all the documents and permits for his/her entry and residence in Latvia
required by the European Union, national and local authorities
3.3.5. it is mandatory for the Applicant to attend lectures, seminars and other lessons (hereinafter – the
Classes) in compliance with the Study program.
3.3.5. To study in good faith in the Study program in accordance with the Study plan, to observe the internal
regulations of the School and other requirements, including the orders.
3.3.6. to response within a day after receiving the notification in the www.apply.europestudies.net resource.
3.3.7. after the visa obtaining Applicant shall provide scan copy of Visa and Confirmed travel ticket.
3.3.8. to upload at www.apply.europestudies.net all the admission requirements standard scan copy (photo or
mobile scan are not acceptable).
3.4. The Applicant shall have the right:
3.4.1. to receive information support and other services, in accordance with the paragraph 1.1. of the
3.4.2. to apply for studies at The School in accordance with study program requirements and legislation of the
Republic of Latvia and acts that regulate the study process of The School.
4. Service application procedure, Service price and payment procedure
4.1. For the Contract service provision Applicant pays the Contractor the Service charge according to the
services set in the Annex 1 and chosen by the Applicant, available online also on the Contractor’s web
resource: https://europestudies.net/our-services/ (hereinafter – the Web resource).
4.2. The volume of the Services as well as the Service charge is fixed in the Service packages, that are specified
in the Annex 1.
4.3. The Applicant indicate the preferable him/her Service package in the Subject of the Contract.
4.4. the Applicant makes the advance payment in amount according to the applied Service package under the
Annex 1.
4.5. The non-refundable part of the payment for the Service charge set in Annex 1 is:
4.5.1. in full amount of the Service charge for the Basic Package;
4.5.2. in amount of 300,00 EUR (three hundred euro) for the Full Package;
4.5.3. in amount of 350,00 EUR (three hundred fifty euro) for the Advanced Package;
4.6. The rest of the Service charge according to the applied Service package Applicant shall pay after receiving
visa, but before arrival in the destination country.
4.7. Transfers under this Contract should be made to the bank details, specified in the Contract.
4.8. All the transfer expenses (bank commission, currency exchange etc.), which are related to the refund of
payments, made by the Applicant, are covered by the Applicant. The Parties agree that the refunded amount
will be reduced by the amount of transfer expenses, set by the credit institution where the Contractor has its
bank account.
5. Termination of the Contract
5.1. The Contract is automatically is being terminated in the following cases:
5.1.1. The Applicant has not made the payments, set by the Contract, in the terms, determined by the
5.1.2. The Applicant has not passed The School admission test (test and\or interview);
5.1.3. AIC has issued the negative statement related to the Applicant’s education documents.
5.2. The Applicant shall have right to terminate this Contract unilaterally, before the positive decision on Visa
or Resident Permit’s issue of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter – OCMA), sending at
least 30 (thirty) days prior the Contractor the termination letter in text. In this case the Contractor refunds
payments, made by the Applicant, withholding the Contract’s Clause 4.2.1. settled fee for the services
provided to the Applicant.
5.3. In case of a preterm termination of the Contract, the AIC statement fee is non-refundable.
5.4. In case of termination of the Contract by the Applicant’s initiative after the positive decision of the issue of
Visa of Resident permit to the Applicant by the OCMA, funds paid in advance by the Applicant or on behalf of
him are non-refundable.
5.5.The Contract is considered as automatically terminated by the both Parties and the funds paid in advance
by the Applicant or on behalf of him are non-refundable if OCMA has refused Applicant Visa or Resident Permit
basing on the following reason (s):
5.5.1. A Foreigner has not submitted all the documents necessary for requesting visa stipulated by the Cabinet
of the Ministers or submitted documents are acquired illegally, are forged or have been manipulated with, or a
Foreigner refuses to provide the required explanations related to the request for a visa and planned residence
in the Republic of Latvia or another Schengen Agreement Member State.
5.5.2. A Foreigner has provided false information.
5.5.3. The actual purpose of entry of a Foreigner does not conform to the purpose laid down in the documents.
5.5.4. The information provided by a Foreigner does not show evidence of an enduring connection with his or
her country of residence and there is a reason to believe that the Foreigner presents the risk of illegal
5.5.5. A Foreigner is unable to prove that he or she has the necessary financial resources to reside in the
Republic of Latvia or another Schengen Agreement Member State and after that to exit to another country
which he or she has the right to enter.
5.6. Applicant sending to the Contractor the written termination letter in cases set by the Contract, shall attach
the application form for the refund on his / her bank account, indicating the Recipient Name and Surname,
Place of residence, Bank name and address, IBAN, and SWIFT/BIC Code, as well as additional information if
6.Force Majeure
The Parties shall be freed from penalty for full or partial unfulfillment of their obligations under this Contract
and other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties for reasons of force majeure (flood, fire,
earthquake, military actions, as well as decisions and actions of public authorities which prevent or delay the
fulfillment of the provisions of this Contract), if these circumstances took place after this Contract was signed.
If the delay is exorbitantly long, each of the Parties has the right to terminate this Contract unilaterally.
7.Data processing and protection
7.1. The Applicant is informed that in compliance with the regulation of the personal data protection of
the private persons, including the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council
on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free
movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)
(hereinafter – GDPR), the Contractor shall process the Applicant’s personal data to ensure the
performance of the Contract, to meet the needs of Contractor personnel record keeping, for
administrative needs, statistical research, for Applicant’s identification in information system, as well as
the needs defined in the Contractor’s internal regulations and, after termination of this Contract – in the
information system (data base). The Applicant also gives his/her permission to transfer the Applicant’s
personal data to the third parties for the recovery activities if the Applicant failed to settle the financial
liabilities arisen from the Contract.
7.2. The personal data is confidential and information of the Parties shall not be disclosed, and the
Parties undertake not to disclose and not to allow for the possibility if third parties get to know it,
unless requested by competent governmental authorities of the Republic of Latvia or the Applicant’s
home country.
8. Other provisions
8.1.The present Contract is prepared and signed in two identical copies in English language, one copy for each
In the event of misunderstandings the text of the Contract in Latvian language shall be considered as the main
8.2.The Parties certify that they understand the contents and meaning of this Contract, that they have
discussed each individual statement of this contract and that both Parties have been given an opportunity to
make changes to this Contract. The Parties understand the consequences of the Contract, consider this
Contract as correct and suitable for both Parties, as well as wish to sign the Contract voluntarily.



Basic Service Package Full Service Package Advanced Service Package
Consultation and recommendations ● Processing of educational documents ● Guidance for Online Entrance Exam ● University and Visa Interviews preparation ● Certificate Verification ● Visa application form guidance ● Opening bank account ● Mobile number and online services All the Basic Package services plus following: ● Airport pickup ● Accommodation arrangement ● University Registration ● Couriering of RP documents ● One month Public transport pass ● Dummy Itinerary for Visa All the Full Package services plus following: ● Insurance for one year ● Medical (X-ray Report) ● Filling of RP application form ● RP application fee (30 days process) ● Schengen RP card fee ● Residence address declaration
The Basic Service Charge is 399,00 EUR The Full Service Charge is 599,00 EUR The Advanced Service Charge is 899,00 EU
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